Live in the Present

We’re all busy.

School. Homework. Studying. Appointments. Lunch dates with friends.

Living in the present seems less attainable when I am constantly working towards the future. I find myself not enjoying a coffee spent with an old friend when I have more on my plate for later that day. In the past, Instagram did not help my living in the present, either. In fact, it only made me more anxious to plan for the future in order to prove something of myself, as well as reminisce the past or compare my present to someone else’s. 


The solution I’ve found to living in the present is easy.

I enable myself to be able to live in the present by doing the following:

  1. Write tasks on paper (Notice I did not says phone notes. Writing instead of typing can feel more permanent in your mind and works better for me with knowing I will accomplish something, plus then my tasks aren’t hidden away in my phone.)
  2. Journal every night. This is a very overlooked tool for clearing the mind of anything that is prohibiting yourself from truly living in the present. I always write things that I want to change in my life and the why behind what I need changed.
  3. Learn to think rationally about every problem you do have, or think you have. Sometimes the things that keep us from living in the present are the problems we create in our own heads. Instead of using brain power to think about what that boy is doing tonight instead of texting you back, sometimes it makes life easier by being brutally honest with yourself and thinking quickly I need to not waste my time with someone who is not trying to waste mine. Shutting down your insecurities will allow you to RELAX in the moment.
  4. Trust. Trust that you will get what needs to be done, done.
  5. Having an open mind. It sure is interesting. Every time I go into a conversation with the mindest of learning something from that person, I tend to build a better connection with the individual as well as grow myself. It’s easy to be a passive conversator, but it’s more fun to live in the moment when we are asking those daring questions, being brutally honest, and, overall, reavealing our true selves in any given situation. At the end of the day, when we are exposing our true self in society, we are more excited to live in the moment because we are not pretending to be someone else.






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