my happy place

the deep, dark, forest

melancholy rain falling

on the troughs of your trust

the sky can’t fake it’s smile

it just pours

and rawrs


the breaths you take slowly

as the sky crackles and screams;

 expressing the cries you can’t make out on your own

there’s a soft melody playing on the radio

as you drift away slowly

from the reality you’ve tried to fit into for so long

you changed too much

turned into a made up version of yourself

the little girl inside of you was done pretending

so she pulled out her sleek ponytail,

and escaped


as fast as she could

toward freedom


a runaway; you.


you’ve never been able to sit still

nothing and nobody will every understand the uncharted corners of your soul

and how you’ve accepted

that you’re no-one special

just, different

tragically, undeniably, different

so different, in fact,

that the only time you truly feel understood

is when you are driving like this: alone, in the rain, escaping the life you’ve pretended to live

and when you get there

that is, to wherever you run out of gas

you’ll smile in the bittersweet taste of being alone

jump in the cold creek

washing away all of your impurities,

starting all over again

in the mountains

creating a simple life

one that does not require any escaping

once and for all


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