always for a reason

when will you see

that, all that time,

it was you inspiring me

teaching me

leading me to me

when will you see

it was all of your melodies

along with your rawness

your truth

that I was craving

for myself

I not only admired you;

I needed to embody all of what you were

so that I could become the same

that is how much you moved me

I wanted to be as true as you

to be a legend, like you

and for you?

maybe it was a physical game, my worst fear

or maybe you, too, saw the universe pointing at us both

telling us to come with Her

maybe she wanted us to examine each others’ souls for a reason

that reason being:

for you to give me strength to live

and me, to open up your mind a little more….

but I’ll speak for myself and say:

there is no simple word to depict the effect you’ve had in my life

I will never know if you felt it;

that notion

that maybe

just maybe

it was a divine meeting

instead of just a heartbreakunnamed.jpg

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