is that you on that plane?

her: 8/14/2019

I am a blip in the sky

flying over every ceremony of good and bad

oblivious to the fact that the world everywhere can see my light

I sit quietly in the dim light over my jumpseat, paging through a novel

someone rings their call light

they want coffee

I maneuver slowly to the back galley to pour them a cup

most passengers are asleep, and we still have an hour to go upon arrival

among me are hundreds of strangers

sleeping in the dark

but i feel very alone

even though I am looked at like I am someone who goes home to a big family and dances with them in the kitchen light

anyone who looked into my eyes a second further would know better than this

they would see that I am a woman who just might call home a dark basement,

and with her little free time, sits in the quiet light listening to novo amour

I am a woman who gives the illusion of sunshine with her bright smile

but is cold and in so much pain

I have gone through deep heartbreak

and I have lost so many friends

but I know I have grown

and there is no going back from that

I wish I knew how to start over with abandon

to go out in the town and meet new people even if it meant getting shattered all over again

to believe that my life truly has “just begun”

and to reach greater heights than what I’ve already laid out for myself

I feel I have become complacent

settling for a dull life, when I know in my heart I am meant for so much more…

suddenly I am taken aback by pockets of turbulence

we are going through a dark cloud


him: narrated by her  8/14/2019

you are stargazing on a mountain one dark summer night

and see me overhead in that plane

of course, you don’t know it’s “me” but, objectively speaking, you see me

your mind starts to wonder

the shape of my head

the color of my eyes

and the way my soul would make yours feel

you can almost picture it..

your friends are all around you but you can’t hear a thing

your eyes are fixed on the plane above, and your heart signals to you something faint

something a thousand miles away

something that you can’t quite unravel into a thought

but you focus on my plane

and you smile

poetry seeping through your lips quietly

is that you on that plane, my dear?

watch me as i shed a tear

you’re a thousand miles away, up there

but can you hear?

i am speaking to you, lovely

i am dying to meet you…

i will kiss away your sadness and bring you the morning sun 

using the strength of my arms,

and the diligent love my soul yearns to give yours

so when?

when will it be that i can talk to you?

i guess fate will create the perfect instance

my imagination will not even be able to create our story

but i see you, and i just wanted you to know that

in the darkness of tonight

in the dimness of your light

i see you,

and i love you

as you finish the last of your speech, my plane vanishes behind a cloud

you know without a doubt it was me

and you can’t believe that you know, but you do


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