go on, get going

I’m alone

with my pain

am I going insane?

I feel alone with my past

these ghosts are so fast, to remind me

of my sins

they say, “come in, tell me a story.”

I can’t lie

you’re still on my mind —

but with none of the glory

I look up to the sky to ask him, “why?”

I feel his response

I feel him reply

“Go on, get going where you need to be.

Life’s not that hard if you don’t want it to be.”

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to exist #poetryoutlet

i finally have cracked the code

as to how i’ve been feeling so withdrawn from the world around me

it’s because i’ve stopped participating

in the conversations that i don’t necessarily care for

i’ve stopped letting people stay after dinner for coffee, just to chat

i’ve stopped smiling at the passing stranger

and i’ve been in too much of a hurry to talk to anybody new

or maybe i’ve just gotten too deep into my comfort zone

it was when i slowed down

focused on one task at a time

looked up at the passing stranger

let conversations turn into something meaningful

relaxed my shoulders

and remembered that every person exists alongside me in the now

i realized that living in the moment

was predictable in it’s unpredictability

i let myself be easy and have fun in my day to day life

without always thinking about my next task at hand

and suddenly i’m married to life again

the sun looks brighter shining on the water

my coffee tastes stronger

and i am enthralled by the people around me

these breakups with life are sometimes necessary

to remember and appreciate

how golden our existence truly is

It gets better #poetryoutlet

It gets better

The people you thought were judging you will actually become your friends, and you will grow from the realization that not everyone means harm.

It gets better

The love you tried so very hard to save will slip out of your grasp, and after months of tears and silence, you will be awakened by your own saving grace: the love you have to give yourself and the realization that it is the best kind of love there is.

It gets better

Once you realize how much of a ripple effect your positive words and deeds have on the people around you, you will comprehend that your voice has depth and decency, and that though you are not “in” this alone, you can do hard things, alone, your confidence driving you through your mountains.

It gets better

The friends you miss and love, will miss you too, since you’ve learned along the broken path what being a true friend means and are able to get that back in return.

It gets better

The hate you once had brewing inside you will make its way out of your soul in the form of grace for you enemies and love for the broken-hearted who can now learn from the same hurt you’ve endured before them.

It gets better

Your outlook on life will become less about who, what, and where, and more about building soul connections: the secret to a life of substance.

It gets better.

So fight, pray, believe, and never give up on the dreaming child that rests forever in your soul.

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Top 4 self -help books!

Lately I’ve been getting into self-help books, but I’ve been more interested in listening to them in the form an audiobook as opposed to reading them for no other reason than how it is easier to press “play” on my drive to Tampa instead of waiting till I get home and when I’m in a quiet place to read.

After going through approximately 10 audiobooks, all the while cleaning, doing homework, commuting, etc, there have been 3 particular books that I have taken to re-reading, that’s how great they were.

  1.  You are a Badass – Jen Sincero. “Her name says it all,” my friend who I referred the book to says to me. “Sounds like Genuinely Sincere.” And Sincero is real as all get out, as she expertly explains how to manifest the life you want in a no-nonsense way she has used to get to point where she is now. I found the free audiobook on Youtube, finishing it in 2 days. Sincero, a writer at heart, has a knack for incorporating all of her life stories into gold nuggets of advice that you will be able to think of when someone at your next family reunion asks you why the hell you’ve quit your day job to move across the country and start a Yoga studio.
  2. Wild Goose Chase – Mark Batterson. A new friend of mine slipped me this short book one night, and boy am I happy she did. In this book, Batterson compares the Holy Spirit to the wild goose, as the Holy Spirit works in the present moment and allows us to use our intuition to run after all that God has in store for us, making our lives an adventure. The Wild Goose is said to be “ever-elusive,” as it can never be ‘caught.’ All our lives, everyone around us is trying to ‘catch’ that perfect life. The perfect person, the perfect job, and the list goes on. Wild Goose Chase makes clear that our lives can be fulfilled if only we listen to the calling in our hearts in the present moment that is the Holy Spirit, and is in many ways, compared to the wind (John 3:8).
  3. This next one is a little funny, so bear with me. I typed in ‘audiobook’ on YouTube, and literally clicked on the first video that popped up, reading “(Full Audiobook) This Book Will Change Everything! (Amazing!).” I was skeptical. However, after giving the book a chance, I was instantly hooked. The book is authorized by a gentlemen whose name has slipped my mind. He is a man with big dreams, and he goes into detail about how each day, he would spend a great deal of time manifesting, praying, and even looking at printed-out photos of the things he wished to manifest. The result? All if his dreams came to be. His journey, however, is the more interesting part.
  4. You do You – Sarah Knight. This book deepened my understanding of what it means to be selfish, or what Knight refers to as ‘self-ISH’. It is one thing to be self-absorbed, but a totally different thing to practice intense self-love, which in result, can get you places. Places you’ve always dreamed of going in life.



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freedom is accidentally crashing your car into a tree
and deciding to get ice cream
to celebrate still being alive
the issue will sort itself out

freedom is not letting the conventional ways of thinking about issues
actually stand in the way of your




club target (2).pngto change
is to escape the home you’ve made for yourself in your head

you’ll be judged
you’ll value your newfound happiness
over their judgements

i swear it’ll set you free
if you stop watering the thorns
of dying roses
life’s hard enough
you don’t need to add peer evaluation to the equation


it only makes for a tougher equation

i already hate math

none of us are ever going to be good enough
our criteria of how to be
comes from those who don’t know what they’re doing

being honest
may not always win you favor
but it’s another way to capture the essence
of who you are
and in return
like a developing polaroid
honesty may leave you with nothing at first
but develops over time


i’ve felt a rush run over my life
like running an ice cube on a wound
the ocean hugging my feet at the shore
happiness is so easy
once you fall back in love with yourself