the love we give

You will feel things you’ve never felt before for people who don’t feel the same way, and it will break your heart. But life has a way of revealing to you with time the greatest plot twist of them all: one day you’ll come to realize that this explosive love you have to give everyone else is equally as validated to give to yourself. It will set you free from the chains of acceptance, and, in its own way, be enough.


“I miss the way you made me feel so safe, and how your light blue eyes would light up your whole face.”

“You don’t recognize me, do you now. My face has changed, pain can really can a spell.”

“I know it’s you my darling, and it’s true. You said when I got married that I’d think of you.”

“I’m so very sorry it had to end. Does my poetry live on, honey? I meant what I said. Do you medicate those holes I left? Do you find it funny, that we built ourselves an empire with intention to leave?”


go on, get going

I’m alone

with my pain

am I going insane?

I feel alone with my past

these ghosts are so fast, to remind me

of my sins

they say, “come in, tell me a story.”

I can’t lie

you’re still on my mind —

but with none of the glory

I look up to the sky to ask him, “why?”

I feel his response

I feel him reply

“Go on, get going where you need to be.

Life’s not that hard if you don’t want it to be.”

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found it in silence #poetryoutlet


I didn’t say the words that reflected  my feelings

instead, I decided to not let my feelings have a say any longer

they were fickle friends, those feelings

only supporting me occasionally

but usually leaving me in the dust

to fend for myself

and confused as to how I ever ended up stranded in the first place


I looked up at them and smiled

not saying a word

in certain cases

silence is golden

inevitable tide #poetryoutlet

if you are the moon

 i am the ocean

surely you do not know

how you have forced my shallow waters into merging together

making me deeper

surely you’ve never contemplated

how much your gravity yanks me away

from the word I’ve pretended to live

safe at shore

among the highest of tides

surely you do not know

how you are all I see

come night fall

or how I long for your touch

your forces would change the chemistry of my heart

no, you don’t realize how much I need you

to be opium to my bloodstream

all you see is what I am at a distance

What really lights you up

Is the sun you keep staring at

I’ve accepted this

but when people tell me there are more fish in the sea

they don’t seem to quite understand

that I long for something out of this world

I wish I could stop feeling this way

for something so out of reach

but the tide is inevitable



to exist #poetryoutlet

i finally have cracked the code

as to how i’ve been feeling so withdrawn from the world around me

it’s because i’ve stopped participating

in the conversations that i don’t necessarily care for

i’ve stopped letting people stay after dinner for coffee, just to chat

i’ve stopped smiling at the passing stranger

and i’ve been in too much of a hurry to talk to anybody new

or maybe i’ve just gotten too deep into my comfort zone

it was when i slowed down

focused on one task at a time

looked up at the passing stranger

let conversations turn into something meaningful

relaxed my shoulders

and remembered that every person exists alongside me in the now

i realized that living in the moment

was predictable in it’s unpredictability

i let myself be easy and have fun in my day to day life

without always thinking about my next task at hand

and suddenly i’m married to life again

the sun looks brighter shining on the water

my coffee tastes stronger

and i am enthralled by the people around me

these breakups with life are sometimes necessary

to remember and appreciate

how golden our existence truly is